Privacy Policy

DocsHunter is committed to protecting the privacy of customers’ information. Members can read the “Privacy Policy” to better understand the commitments that the Administration makes about respecting and protecting the rights of users.

1. Personal information

For the information collected through the website, DocsHunter will:

  • Support customers when purchasing documents on website
  • Answer customer inquiries
  • Provide the latest information on the websit
  • Carry out promotional activities and events related to DocsHunter’s products and services

To access and use some services on, members will be required to register the personal information (Full name, Email, Contact, Phone number,...). All information must be guaranteed for accuracy and legitimacy. DocsHunter does not bear any responsibility regarding the law of declared information.

The Administrator may collect information about the number of visits, including the number of pages members view, the number of links you click and other information related to connecting to DocsHunter. The administrator also collects information that the member's web browser uses when accessing the website, including IP address, language used, time,...

2. Use of personal information

DocsHunter collects and uses members’ personal information for the appropriate purpose and fully complies with the content of this Privacy Policy. When necessary, the Administrator can use this information to contact members directly, such as sending open letters, thank you letters, technical information, and new event information. Members can receive periodic mail providing new announcements, upcoming events of DocsHunter.

3. Sharing of personal information

Except for the use of personal information as stated in this policy, we are committed not to disclose users’ personal information.

In some cases, we may hire an independent agency to conduct market research projects and then your information will be provided to this unit to conduct the project. This third party will be bound by a confidentiality agreement under which they are only allowed to use the information provided for the purpose of completing the project.

We may disclose or provide your personal information in the strictly necessary cases as follows: (a) when required by law enforcement agencies; (b) in cases where we believe it will help us protect our legitimate interests before the law; (c) urgent and necessary situations to protect the personal safety of DocsHunter’s members.

4. Privacy policy for documents

DocsHunter respects the copyright of the information and documents that members upload to, however, DocsHunter has the full right to edit the content to suit or delete information and documents that are not appropriate without notice to members. This is to ensure that the information and documents registered are consistent with the regulations of DocsHunter.

DocsHunter reserves the right to temporarily or permanently block the Member's access and use of the website if the member acts to damage the website or violate the Terms of Use without compensation to the Member.

DocsHunter reserves the right to refuse to register as a member of members who have had their membership revoked on platform.

DocsHunter has the right to provide the member's personal information to a third party and/or a competent state agency in case the member violates the regulations on posting information and documents on the website or at the request of state agencies.

When the court, procuratorate, police, tax authority, law office, consumer protection center, equivalent authority, or security company requests DocsHunter provide personal information, DocsHunter will provide personal information of members for the purpose of protecting the rights, trademarks and properties of DocsHunter.

DocsHunter has the right to send email for the purpose of advertising, providing information according to the email addresses that the member has registered. If the member does not want to receive mail, the member can send a notice to email [email protected], DocsHunter will stop providing information.

5. Complaint mechanism

DocsHunter recommends members report all cases to DocsHunter’s Customer Care Department via [email protected].