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Writing for academic purposes. (online). july 20 to august 28, 2020. stfx continuing & distance education, in collaboration with the stfx student success ... 1 page
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Writing for Academic Purposes(Online)July 20 to August 28, 2020StFX Continuing & Distance Education, in collaboration with the StFX Student Success Centre, is pleased tooffer this six week, non-credit course in Writing for Academic Purposes. This course offers practicalstrategies for improving skills in academic essay writing. Students will be guided through each stage ofwriting a short essay on a subject relevant to the contemporary social context. Lessons cover such topics aswriting annotated notes and avoiding plagiarism, formulating a thesis statement and constructing a solidoutline, as well as proofreading and revising drafts. Students will learn how to correct common errors ingrammar, spelling and vocabulary, and how to compose effective introductory and concluding paragraphs.Lessons will be reinforced through interactive activities, group engagement and instructor feedback.Ultimately, students will learn the significance of reading like a writer. To read like a writer is to enga...