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What is a “normal” level of lapsed funding? ... lapse rate increased in turn. ... these capital projects have a lapse rate of up to five.
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Why Does theGovernment LapseMoney and WhyDoes It Matter?Ottawa, Canada17 November 2015www.pbo-dpb.gc.caThe mandate of the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) is to provideindependent analysis to Parliament on the state of the nation’s finances, theGovernment’s estimates and trends in the Canadian economy; and, uponrequest from a committee or parliamentarian, to estimate the financial costof any proposal for matters over which Parliament has jurisdiction.This report was prepared by the staff of the Parliamentary Budget Officer.Jason Jacques wrote the report. Mostafa Askari, Chris Matier and ScottCameron provided comments. Patricia Brown and Jocelyne Scrim assistedwith the preparation of the report for publication. Please [email protected] for further information.Jean-Denis FréchetteParliamentary Budget OfficerTable of ContentsExecutive Summary 11. Background 21.1. Parliament’s consent is required to raise revenues andspend money 21.2. Some money approved by Parliament will not be...