Week 9 philippians 4.2-9 celebrate in the lord!

Read philippians 4:2-9. verses 2-3 are a “special appeal” to two women in philippi who are in conflict. apparently the situation has been going on for some ... 2 pages
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Week 9Philippians 4.2-9Celebrate in the Lord!Copyright Calvin College 2010I. PrayerII. Opening QuestionHow do you deal with disagreement?III. Read N.T. Wright Commentary p. 128-132IV. Scan Aesthetic Commentary p.197-222V. Discussion Questionsa. How do you deal with disagreement? Where/when did you learn this behavior?b. What could have happened in the Philippian church if the two women had not resolvedtheir dispute?c. What, for you, is the difference between “going to” church, “being part of” a church and“being church?” Which description most accurately depicts your experience ofcontemporary Christ followers?d. What difference is there between arguments within the Church and arguments betweena Christ follower and someone outside the Church?e. Carefully reread the Sarah Cunningham quote. How would you describe the challengethis twenty-something woman is offering from the perspective of her disillusionedgeneration to individual Christ followers and to the Church as a whole?f. Read Philip...
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