Walsall`s edwardian leather trades

Seal, russia, crocodile, lizard, and most other fancy leathers are ... wristlets, garters, jewel cases, blotters, collar boxes, brush cases,.
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Walsall`s Leather Trades in 1905• Bags, Portmanteaus and CasesFor more than half a century, leather bags etc have beenmanufactured in Walsall in a comparatively small way. Recently,however, one of the firms in the town has taken the matter in handwith considerable enterprise by acquiring the business, erectingnew premises, and putting down the most modern plant andappliances. The result has been a large influx of this class of tradeto the town, and now all kinds of leather bags, from brief bags tooverland trunks, from Gladstone bags to ladies` dress baskets,fitted cases containing all travelling requisites, from 5 shillings to£20, are manufactured and fitted out, and it seems highly probablethat a large and flourishing industry may be established, which willfind employment for our leather workers in place of some of theolder industries.• Fancy Leather GoodsAlthough Walsall has been the home of gent`s pigskin purses forsome forty years, it is only during the last decade that any greatad...
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