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Essential question: what is the value of engaging in the process of art criticism? how can the viewer “read” a work of art in the context of visual literacy?
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Visual Arts StandardsHigh SchoolAnchor Standard 1: Creating-Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.Enduring Understanding: Creative ideas develop out of life experiences and are explored utilizing inquiry methods including observation,research and experimentation. Creativity and innovative thinking are essential life skills that can be developed. Artists and designers shapeartistic investigations, following or breaking established conventions, in pursuit of creative art making goals.Essential Question: What conditions, attitudes and behaviors support creativity and innovative thinking? What factors prevent or encouragepeople to take creative risk? How does collaboration expand the creative process? How does knowing the contexts of histories and traditions of artforms help us create works of art and design? Why do artists follow or break from established traditions? How do artists determine what resourcesand criteria are needed to formulate aesthetic investigations?HS Profic...