Usage of today's technology in creating authentic '8-bit' and '1

Boy games to be played via the console [26]. the television became the display and the snes controller became the input. as a result, a new type of game boy.
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CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, NORTHRIDGERenegade Drive: Usage of Today’s Technology in Creating Authentic ‘8-bit’ and‘16-bit’ Video Game ExperiencesA thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirementsFor the degree ofMaster of Science in Computer ScienceByChristian Guillermo BowlesDecember 2017iiCopyright by Christian Guillermo Bowles 2017iiiThe thesis of Christian Guillermo Bowles is approved:______________________________ ____________Prof. Caleb Owens Date______________________________ ____________Dr. Robert McIlhenny Date______________________________ ____________Dr. Li Liu, Chair DateCalifornia State University, NorthridgeivAcknowledgementsThe author wishes to thank the following individuals and organizations for theircontributions and support towards this thesis project:• Doris Chaney• Dr. G. Michael Barnes• Dr. Richard Covington• Dr. Peter Gabrovsky• Dr. Ani Nahapetian• Lauren X. Pham• Chase Bethea• Caleb Andrews• Sean Velasco• Ian Flood• Nick Wozniak• David D’Angelo• Sha...