Understanding the milk order amendment process

Federal milk marketing order amendment process. it is ... usda may elect to use informal rulemaking procedures to amend federal orders. 2 pages
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As the dairy industry changes, the U.S. Department ofAgriculture (USDA) provides a process for amending theregulatory structure of Federal milk marketing orders(Federal orders) to keep pace with industry needs. Thisbrochure outlines the steps followed under the formalrulemaking, process from introduction of a proposalthrough the producer referendum and implementa-tion. The rulemaking process is designed to allow formaximum public participation.Any producer, handler, or other interested party maysubmit a proposal for consideration and request ahearing to establish a new Federal order or amend oneor more provisions of an existing Federal order. Therulemaking procedures outlined in this brochure aregoverned by the Federal Administrative Procedures Actand USDA’s Rules of Practice and Procedure.Mail Proposals to:Deputy AdministratorUSDA - AMS - Dairy ProgramsStop 0225Room 2968 - South1400 Independence Ave., S.W.Washington, DC 20250-0225Proposal RequirementsProposals to amend a Federal order...