Understanding an enduring power of attorney

2017 an enduring power of attorney: a guide for decision makers. page 5. types of decisions. you can choose people to make financial, personal and.
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An enduring power of attorneyA Guide for Decision MakersGranting enduringpower of attorneyUnderstanding an enduringpower of attorneyThis resource is intended to support you to:• understand what an enduring powerof attorney is; and• instruct a lawyer to prepare an enduringpower of attorney for you.2017 An enduring power of attorney: A Guide for Decision Makers Page 2Granting enduringpower of attorneyWhat is an enduringpower of attorney?What is an enduring power of attorney?An enduring power of attorney is a document.In an enduring power of attorney document, youcan choose someone else to make decisions for you.This person is called your attorney.Your family member or friend might be able to showyou their power of attorney document.Giving someone an enduring powerof attorney is like giving them yourvery special seal of approval.Granting enduringpower of attorneyPage 3The people you chooseWhen you choose other people to makedecisions for you their names are written inthe enduring power of...