Travel comparison worksheet

Electing to drive a personal vehicle during business travel. drive expense estimate. fly expense estimate ... ride share (lyft or uber). taxi fare finder.
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Comparison Worksheet_June 2021Page 1 of 2Need Assistance?Contact [email protected] 614.292.9290Travel Comparison WorksheetThe Travel Comparison Worksheet is required when travelers request a deviation from the Travel Policy requirements.In all cases, the most economic option that meets the business need should be selected for business travel. Costsdetermined by the comparison that exceed the most economic option, create additional liability risks or that are notpart of business travel will not be paid or reimbursed by the university.Comparison documentation (e.g., quotes, airfare screenshots, etc.), along with this worksheet must be compiled prior torequesting authorization for travel and must be attached to the Spend Authorization at submission.TRAVEL INFORMATION SUMMARYTraveler Name:Departure Date: Departure Location:Return Date: Destination Location(s):Business Purpose:ComparisonSelection: Drive vs. Fly Mileage vs. Rental Vehicle Personal Travel in Conjunction with Business Travel...
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