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Have a great workout, and thanks for being my customer! pete ... take a look at this chart, which shows the results of two typical trainees.
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IMPORTANTThis program involves a systematic progression of muscular overload that can lead tolifting very heavy weights. Proper warm up of muscles, tendon, ligaments and joints ismandatory at the beginning of every workout. Although exercise is very beneficial, thepotential for injury does exist. Precision Trainer and its owners, agents, affiliates andemployees will not be held liable for injuries sustained while lifting, using or movingweights and exercise equipment in a gym or elsewhere. Always consult with yourphysician before beginning any program of progressive weight training or other exer-cise. If you feel any strain or pain when you are exercising, stop immediately and con-sult your physician.© Copyright 2002 by Peter N. Sisco and Precision Training, LLC. All rights reserved.By Pete SiscoVersion 1.2Hello and welcome!Thanks for purchasing my new e-book, TRAIN SMART! It’s loaded with rev-olutionary, proven knowledge and techniques that will allow you to quick-ly and efficiently t...