Thermoplastic glazing material. air-barrier: that part of

Glossary of terms relating to ... one assembled section of a roof framing system that is normally built off-site. roof window:. 18 pages
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1Glossary of Terms relating toThe Siding and Window IndustryAcrylic:Thermoplastic glazing material.Air-Barrier:That part of a wall assembly that restricts passage of air (usually membranes andsealants)Air-Sealed:The result of applying an air-barrier.Air Infiltration:Air movement through the building envelope. In the case of windows the CSA A440standard for windows, the “A” measurement rates air infiltration.Aluminum:A light weight metal used for building components. (eg: siding, soffit, fascia, cappingcoil, rain gutter, window profiles)Apron:Trim moulding fastened below the stool or sill of a window that covers the space betweenthe window sill and the rough sill or window opening sill.Arch-Top:A term used to describe a window unit with a curved frame. These units, also calledcurved-tops or round-tops are often placed over another window.Argon (also Krypton):An inert, non-toxic gas used in insulating glass units to reduce heat transmission.Astragal:Center post between two swinging doors...