The uso sign was a beacon of com - old stagecoach stop

Courtesy of us. army engineer school history office, fort leonard wood. a view of the new uso club for white soldiers in rolla, february 7, 1942. now. 4 pages
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The USO sign was a beacon of com-fort for John and Marilyn Roberts dur-ing the Korean War. It beckoned beforeand continues to signal support formen and women in service to theircountry.In 1941, President Franklin D.Roosevelt decided it would be best ifprivate organizations provided for therecreation of soldiers on leave. Sixorganizations (the Salvation Army,YMCA, YWCA, National CatholicCommunity Services, NationalTravelers Aid Association, and theNational Jewish Welfare Board) pooledresources to form a new organization -the United Service Organizations(USO). The USO is a private, nonprofitorganization, funded by citizens andcorporations.Local communities found the USO tobe their avenue for participation in thewar effort during World War II. U. S.troop strength grew from 50,000 in1940 to 12 million in 1944. USO clubssprang up in more than 3,000 commu-nities, as the centers became a “HomeAway from Home”. The clubs werevolunteer driven and by the end ofWWII, more than 1.5 million citizens...