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Using the alerian (nysearca: amlp) exchange traded fund as a proxy. this had the understandable effect of disillusioning many individual investors.
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1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20036 / Telephone: 202-870-9566The Big Picture:After a year of abnormal calm, the stock market is jittery. Noone knows why volatility is back, but there are theories. I notethere is probably a connection between the recent rise ininterest rates, profit taking in the parts of the market withstretched valuations, and questioning assumptions about thetrue strength of the global economy. Then there are threats oftrade wars emanating from the White House.Some interest rate investments are increasingly attractive,giving stocks competition. Not long ago, $100,000 invested inan 18-month bond might generate $500 a year in income.That number is now closer to $3,000. Most bonds remainunattractive, however, even after the 6% year-to-date declinein long-term Treasury prices.Analysts expect corporate earnings to rise nearly 20% thisyear, according to Thomson Reuters. This is not far-fetched,given the whopping tax cuts recently bestowed on corpo...
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