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Modified by developmental conditions, archetypes do not manifest themselves in exactly the same shape. this is what jung means with “the ultimate core of. 332 pages
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1The Archetypal MarketHypothesisA Complex Psychology Perspectiveon the Market’s MindP.R. SchotanusA thesis submitted for the degree of PhDCentre for Psychoanalytic StudiesUniversity of EssexDate of submission (August 2015)2Dedicated to my teachers, both the good and the bad3ABSTRACTThe thesis introduces the Archetypal Market Hypothesis (AMH). Based on complexpsychology and supported by insights from other (mind) sciences it describes theunconscious nature of investing and how it shapes price patterns. Specifically, itemphasises the central role of numerical archetypes in price discovery. Itsontological premise is the market’s mind, a complex adaptive system in the form ofcollective consciousness which originates from the collective unconscious. Thispremise suggests that investing involves more than cognition and reaches beyondrationality and logic.Among others, the thesis clarifies the affective impact of price discovery: it is notonly what we can do with prices, but also what they can...