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Joe pignatano, new york mets (1962). 6:30 p.m.. vip reception: meet the mets. reception menu: take me out to the ballgame starting lineup:. 24 pages
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Thursday-Saturday, April 26-28, 2012In Memory of Hofstra University Professor Dana BrandAuthor of Mets Fan and The Last Days of SheaRegistration ProgramThe 50th Anniversaryof theHofstra Cultural Centerpresents a conferenceThe 50th Anniversaryof theConferenceis dedicated to the memory ofDr. DAnA BrAnD (1954-2011)Professor Dana Brand, former chair of the Hofstra university Department of englishand a lifelong Mets fan, was a scholar and critic of american literature and late19th- and early 20th-century culture. He joined the Hofstra faculty in 1989, andthroughout his career at Hofstra, he produced not only academic books and articleson topics in literature, philosophy, and film, but also personal essays. some of theseessays became the basis for his book Mets Fan, which was released in 2007. Hissecond book about baseball fandom, The Last Days of Shea, was published in 2009,and his efforts in the blogosphere earned him the nickname “the Proust of MetsBloggers” in The New York Times.from Pro...