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Objective: under the mandate of the federal risk assessment group covid-19 in humans (rag – contact person. sophie quoilin/sciensano) ... 5 pages
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1WG SciCom 2020/07Terms of reference‘RAG-COVID Animals’Risk assessment of COVID-19 in animals in the contextof the protection of Public Health(DirRisk 2020/32 – V4 of 08/04/2020)* RAG-COVID Animals = pre-existing working group of the SciCom in the context of the urgent opinionon COVID-19 in pets (SciCom file 2020/07), which was extended to include observers from the publicRAG-COVID Animals*:RISK ASSESSMENT OFCOVID-19 IN ANIMALSIndependent SCIENTIFICCOMMITTEE established by theFASFC (SciCom)COVID-19 RISKASSESSMENTGROUP (RAG)COVID-19 RISKMANAGEMENTGROUP (RMG)COVID-19 SCIENTIFICCOMMITTEESciComSteeringgroup2administration and members of Sciensano (notably to ensure both the coordination and thecommunication with the RAG), see below under “Composition of the ‘RAG COVID-Animals’”.Objective:Under the mandate of the federal Risk Assessment Group COVID-19 in humans (RAG – contact personSophie Quoilin/Sciensano), a Risk Assessment Group ‘Risk of COVID-19 in animals’ (RAG-COVID Animals)has been e...