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To be provided by ups is limited to the pickup, transportation, customs clearance where applicable and delivery of the shipment. 7 pages
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14THE RULES RELATING TO LIABILITY ESTABLISHED BY THE WARSAWCONVENTION AND ANY AMENDMENTS THERETO SHALL APPLY TO THEINTERNATIONAL CARRIAGE OF ANY SHIPMENT HEREUNDER INSOFAR AS THESAME IS GOVERNED THEREBY.United Parcel Service, which for purposes of these Terms and Conditions shallmean the United Parcel Service operating company in the country of departure,United Parcel Service (M) Sdn Bhd (“UPS”) is engaged in the internationaltransportation of small packages (including “Express Envelopes”) and servicesincidental or additional thereto. All shipments are subject to the terms andconditions contained in the UPS Rate and Service Guide (stated at ups.com ® andmaintained at local UPS offices), the UPS source document for each shipment,and those prescribed by the applicable law of the jurisdiction where the shipmentoriginates.“Shipper” refers to the party contracting with UPS for services.Where carriage by air involves an ultimate destination or stop outside thecountry of origin the Warsaw Con...