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A book especially written for the butterfly farm by john eames ... the caterpillar will then attach itself to a surface using a small pad of silk and sheds ... 17 pages
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Written by Harriet NelsonEducation OfficerStratford-Upon-Avon ButterflyFarmTramway WalkSwans Nest LaneStratford-Upon-AvonWarwickshireCV37 7LSU.KTel: +44 (0) 1789 299 288Fax: +44 (0) 1789 299 288Email: [email protected]: www.butterflyfarm.co.ukTeachers Pack• A short Introduction to animal classification withparticular focus on butterfly life cycle and anatomy.• A description of both minibeasts and the rainforest.• Examples of how a tour at Stratford Butterfly Farm canhelp your class learn more about butterflies, lifecycles,minibeasts and the rainforest.• Extra ‘Lesson Plan’ ideas to continue learning in yourclassroom.IndexButterfly Life Cycle 1‘Butterfly’ Behaviour 3Butterfly and Caterpillar Anatomy 7Rainforest 9Minibeasts 11Why does Stratford Butterfly Farm exist? 12Tour 13Pricing and Availability 14Leafcutter-Tunnels of Discovery 15A book especially written for the Butterfly Farm by John Eames & illustrated by NicolaDennisSomething to Note!As a third of our butterflie...
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