Sustainability of the pacific diabetes today coalitions

By kl braun — background. the prevalence of diabetes is unusually high among the indigenous peoples of hawaii and the us-associated. pacific islands.
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VOLUME 6: NO. 4, A130 OCTOBER 2009Sustainability of the Pacific DiabetesToday CoalitionsCOMMUNITY CASE STUDYSuggested citation for this article: Aitaoto N, Tsark J,Braun KL. Sustainability of the Pacific Diabetes Todaycoalitions. Prev Chronic Dis 2009;6(4):A130. http://www.cdc.gov/pcd/issues/2009/oct/08_0181.htm. Accessed [date].PEER REVIEWEDAbstractBackgroundThe prevalence of diabetes is unusually high amongthe indigenous peoples of Hawaii and the US-associatedPacific Islands. Although diabetes programs developedelsewhere have been tried in these Pacific Islander com-munities, they have not been sustained. Research suggeststhat program sustainability is enhanced by the presence ofa champion, the fit of the program in an organization, andassistance from stakeholders.ContextIn 1998, the Pacific Diabetes Today Resource Center,funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,applied a community-empowerment approach to diabetesprogramming, providing training and technical assistanc...
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