Studies in burke and his time, volume 23 (2013)

Edmund burke to sarah palin. andré gushurst-moore, the. common mind: politics, society and christian humanism from thomas more to russell kirk.
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S T U D I E S I NA N D H I S T I M EM i c h a e l B r o w nThe Meal at the Saracen’s Head: Edmund Burkeand the Scottish LiteratiM i c h a e l F u n k D e c k a r DWonder and Beauty in Burke’s Philosophical Enquir yr o B e r t h . B e l lFool for Love: The Sentimental Romances of Laurence SterneS t e v e n P . M i l l i e SThe Inner Light of Edmund Burke: A Biographical Approachto Burke’s Religious Faith and Epistemologyr e v i e w S o FF.P.l o c k , Edmund Burke: Vol. II, 1784–1797;D a n i e l i. o’n e i l l , The Burke-Wollstonecraft Debate: Savager y,Civilization, and Democracy; e Dwa r D F e S e r , Locke;S e a n P at r i c k D o n l a n , e D ., Edmund Burke’s Irish IdentitiesV O L U M E 2 2 2 0 1 1S T U D I E S I N B U R K E A N D H I S T I M E V O L U M E 2 2 2 0 1 1VOLUME 23 2013Aaron D. HoffmanJoseph Ellis’s Burkean FoundingElizabeth LambertThe Scholarly FactoriesJeffrey O. NelsonBurke’s American CharactersJoseph Pappin IIIEdmund Burke and Leo Strauss andthe Charge of ‘Hist...
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