Sr mcp system - stryker meded

For all the joints of the hand and wrist ... cockup splint. eyelets. set washer to adjust radial pull ... volar plate interposition or alternatively.
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1MetacarpophalangealArthroplastySR MCP SystemOperative TechniqueStryker2ContentsPage1. Pre-operative Assessment 32. Indications & Contraindications 43. Operative Technique 5Incision Options 5Capsular Exposure 5Dorsal Synovectomy 5Metacarpal Articular Head Resection 6Proximal Phalanx Articular Surface Resection 6Trial Preparation 7Trial Placement 8Trial Reduction / Implant Placement 8Implanting the Components 9Closure and Centralization 9Initial Post Operative Treatment 10Rehabilitation 10Revision or Removal of MCP Prostheses 11Crossed Intrinsic Transfer Procedure 11This publication sets forth detailedrecommended procedures for usingStryker devices and instruments.It offers guidance that you shouldheed, but, as with any such technicalguide, each surgeon must considerthe particular needs of each patientand make appropriate adjustmentswhen and as required.A workshop training is recommendedprior to performing your first surgery.All non-sterile devices must becleaned and sterilized before u...
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