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Texas, for $69,436.48, which is the lowest and host bid* ... a,ffb, 5q-613«. ... in fisher county, to sweetwater, in nolan county.".
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3457.3458,3459*3468*3461,3462,8460.3464,2. 5Novamber 29, 1930Minutes of the One Hundred and F i f t i e t h Meeting of the State High**way Commission hold i n the State Office Building, with the followingmembers present:W* R. Ely, Chairman,Gone Johnson, Member,D. K. Martin, Member,Gibb Gilchrist, State Highway Engineer,l a Harris County on bids received November 89, 1930, contract forconstruction of grading and small drainage structures from the CampbellHead to Addicts, a distance of 7,632 miles on State Highway #73, S.P.800-B, i s awarded to Chas. K. Horton, Houston, Texas, for $39,071,06,and the contract for the large structures i s awarded to Jho. F, Buckner,Cleburne, for $28,596,76, which are the lowest and best bids.In Wharton County on bids received November 29, 1930, contract f o rconstruction of grading and drainage structures from El Campo to theColorado County line* a distance of 14,881 miles, on State Highway #71,S.P. 945mA, i s awarded to Brown & Hoot, Houston, Texas, for $...
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