Scaling up and scaling out vmware validated design

Scaling the vrealize log insight architecture in this way minimizes the need to truncate data. (or expand storage regularly) on the cluster ... 36 pages
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Scaling Up and Scaling Out VMwareValidated DesignTechnical Note24 OCT 2019VMware Validated DesignVMware Validated Design 5.1You can find the most up-to-date technical documentation on the VMware website at:https://docs.vmware.com/VMware, Inc.3401 Hillview Ave.Palo Alto, CA 94304www.vmware.comCopyright © 2019 VMware, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright and trademark information.Scaling Up and Scaling Out VMware Validated DesignVMware, Inc. 2ContentsAbout Scaling Up and Scaling Out VMware Validated Design 41 Developing a Reliable Scaling Methodology 62 Scaling Workloads and Compute Capacity 10Scaling Workloads in a Consolidated SDDC 10Adding Hosts to a Workload Domain Cluster 13Adding Clusters to Workload Domains 14Adding Workload Domains 17Adding Regions 193 Scaling the Software-Defined Network 22Single Shared Edge and Compute Cluster 22Multiple Shared Edge and Compute Clusters 24Dedicated Edge Cluster 264 Scaling Operations and Cloud Management 295 Considerations for Management Certifi...