Rite of sending of the catechumens for election (pdf)

Reverend father, these catechumens, whom i now present to you, ... prayers as they go forth to the rite of election celebrated by bishop cullen. celebrant:. 4 pages
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Diocese of AllentownThe Rite of Sending of the Catechumens for ElectionPRESENTATION OF THE CANDIDATESAfter the homily, the priest in charge of the catechumens’ initiation, or a deacon, a catechist, or a representativeof the community, presents the catechumens, using the following words:Deacon/Catechist:Reverend Father, these catechumens, whom I now present to you, are beginningtheir final period of preparation and purification leading to their initiation. Theyhave found strength in God’s grace and support in our community’s prayers andexample.Now they ask that they be recognized for the progress they have made in theirspiritual formation and that they receive the assurance of our blessings andprayers as they go forth to the Rite of Election celebrated by Bishop Cullen.Celebrant:Those who are to be sent to the celebration of election in Christ, come forward,together with those who will be your godparents.Celebrant (or a deacon) calls each by name. The Catechumens, accompanied by a godpa...