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Operations manual, restaurant franchise agreement and fdd. ... chapter 5: franchisee training requirements . ... abc restaurant orientation training .
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© 2014 ABC Restaurant Confidential Operations Manual 1© 2014 ABC Restaurant Confidential Operations Manual 1How to use This Manual to Develop Your OwnRestaurant FranchiseAbout this ManualIn the following guide you will find the foundational building blocks necessary to create anoperations manual for your company. A well written operations manual enables yourrestaurant franchise branches to represent your brand consistently and profitably. It alsoprovides a great opportunity to clearly define your business operations. While everysuccessful business has a general idea of their operations, few know their business to thelevel of detail which the operations manual demands. If you invest the necessary time andresources to complete this manual, not only will you be on your way to franchising, yourexisting business will benefit greatly as well.The Importance of Developing Standard Operating ProceduresAs you read through this manual, you will begin to understand the importance of developinga se...