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Venezuela, margarita island, península de macanao, 2007-2008. ... quebrada la chica por ecoguardianes de la isla de margarita. 1er congreso venezolano.
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1Conservation Leadership Programme: Final ReportTitle Page1. CLP project ID & Project titleImproving fledgling recruitment and habitat quality for the yellow-shouldered parrotat Margarita Island, Venezuela.2. Host country, site location and the dates in the fieldVenezuela, Margarita Island, Península de Macanao, 2007-2008.3. Names of any institutions involved in organising the project or participatingProvitaIVIC (Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Investigation)INPARQUES (National Parks Institute)Fondo Mixto de TurismoFundación Empresas PolarAlcaldía Municipio Península de Macanao4. The overall aim summarised in 10–15 wordsIncrease the annual recruitment rate of Amazona barbadensis through theimplementation of artificial nests, ecological restoration and environmentaleducation.5. Full names of author(s)a) Laurie Fajardob) María Abarcac) Marianne Asmüssend) José Manuel Briceño-Linarese) María Alejandra Faría-Romero6. Permanent contact address, email and websitea) [email protected]
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