Reducing theft from shopping bags in city center markets

Six days a week selling fresh food of all kinds, clothing, ... to observe women with purses or wallets pushed into the top of shopping bags or plastic.
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4. Reducing Theft fromShopping Bags in City CenterMarketsBarry Poyner and Barry WebbEDITOR'S NOTE: This case study first appeared in a Tavistock Institute of Human-Relations' publication (Poyner and Webb, 1987a) and has been edited by the authorsfor inclusion in this volume. It developed from an earlier study of "street attacks"(violent and sexual assaults, robbery and thefts from the person) in Birmingham andCoventry, two large cities in England, which found that many of these incidents werethefts from shopping bags occurring at markets in the city center (Poyner, 1981).Because of their concentration in the central part of the city, with excellent rail andbus connections, these markets attracted thieves like bees to a honey pot. Conditionsat the markets also facilitated theft. In the covered markets the lighting was so poorand the shoppers so close-pressed by the arrangement of stalls that it was easy forthieves to remove purses from shopping bags without being noticed. According to t...