Reactions of alkenes

The acid hydrogen bound to the carbon atom that already has the greater number of hydrogens attached. (more generally: in an electrophilic addition to an ... 35 pages
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Ch08 Reacns of Alkenes (landscape) Page 1Reactions of AlkenesSince  bonds are stronger than  bonds, double bonds tend to react to convert the double bond into  bondsThis is an addition reaction. (Other types of reaction have been substitution and elimination).Addition reactions are typically exothermic.Electrophilic AdditionThe  bond is localized above and below the C-C  bond. The  electrons are relatively far away from the nucleiand are therefore loosely bound.An electrophile will attract those electrons, and can pull them away to form a new bond.This leaves one carbon with only 3 bonds and a +ve charge (carbocation).The double bond acts as a nucleophile (attacks the electrophile).Ch08 Reacns of Alkenes (landscape) Page 2In most cases, the cation produced will react with another nucleophile to produce the final overall electrophilicaddition product.Electrophilic addition is probably the most common reaction of alkenes.Consider the electrophilic addition of H-Br to but-2-ene:The ...
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