Ralph n. manuel ʻ58 former dean of the college - dartmouth

Ralph manuel interview ... today is june 26, 2002 and i am speaking with mr. ralph ... copies of the book to send around to people. 76 pages
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Ralph N. Manuel ʻ58Former Dean of the CollegeAn Interview Conducted byDaniel DailyHanover, New HampshireJune 26, 2002July 24, 2002For theSpecial CollectionsDartmouth CollegeHanover, New HampshireRalph Manuel Interview2INTERVIEW: Ralph N. ManuelINTERVIEW BY: Daniel DailyPLACE: Hanover, New HampshireDATE: June 26, 2002DAILY: Today is June 26, 2002 and I am speaking with Mr. RalphManuel, Dartmouth ʼ58, former dean of the college between1975 and 1982, among other positions here at Dartmouth. Henow lives back here in Hanover. I would like to start out byfinding out why people came to Dartmouth as students.MANUEL: Well, there were, I guess, a couple of reasons. I had read aboutthe College first in Boyʼs Life magazine, and they had all thetuitions and I noticed that it was a little more expensive than theUniversity of Maryland, but not much, and my boyhood hero hadgone here...Red Rolfe [Robert A. “Red” Rolfe ʻ31].But probably the single most important factor for me ending uphere was that the ...