Quantum computational models

There are very many models of classical computation, including turing machines, ... quantum mechanical versions of classical models simply might be ... 1 page
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Proposed subtopic for GC7: “Journeys in Non-Classical Computing”Quantum Computational ModelsSamuel L. Braunstein and Susan StepneyDepartment of Computer Science, University of YorkThere are very many models of classical computation, including Turing machines,functional combinators, logic circuits, fixe d point approaches, and so on. Within thecontext of classical computation these are essentially equivalent, yielding identical resultsbut from vastly differing underlying formalisms.Within the quantum computational world this unity is less clear. For example, a fixed-point algorithm on a quantum computer could include a superposition of all fixed points,not just the stable one obtained by repeated substitution. This suggests that the manifoldclassical formalisms may generalise to the qua ntum realm in different ways. Currently,the most extensively studied quantum computational model is the circuit model. Thisgate-level model is not good for designing high-level algorithms, for reasoning ...
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