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Encourage scouts to earn the william t. hornaday award. • encourage scouts to choose a conservation project for their eagle. scout project. • encourage scouts ... 2 pages
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Prevent Monarch ExtinctionSOAR Patch AwardIn order for Scouts and adult leaders to earn eachyear’s SOAR patch, they must do a minimum ofthree (3) hours of conservation, environmental, orbeautification service work. It will first be availablefor the Prevent Monarch Extinction campaignprojects. There are many projects Scouts can do tohelp prevent extinction of the Monarch Butterfly, oras it’s known by its scientific name: Danausplexippus. See our website and resources on thereverse side for a list of possible projects. In itsinaugural year, the SOAR program has dedicatedeffort and resources towards saving the Monarchbutterfly. Each following year, SOAR will focus on adifferent resource to save and protect – such asbees. Each patch will be unique.The cost of the patches are $3.00 each and can bepurchased at the Durham Scout Center duringnormal business hours or by calling 402-431-9272.Project SOAR Mission• To encourage Scouts of all ages toparticipate in community conservationprojects.• E...