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J1 killeen arts & activities center, 802 n 2nd st. location ... wall closest to the water closet and on the rear wall. ... equipment at the exercise park.
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‐ATTACHMENT D: Modifications to Altered FacilitiesThe chart below lists the facilities surveyed by the Department, the access issues identified during the survey, and the actions required to correct the access issues.In order to ensure that the following spaces and elements in the City’s facilities in which alterations occurred after January 26, 1992 are readily accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities theCity will take the actions indicated herein within the time periods specified below, which begin to run on the effective date of this Agreement.J1 KILLEEN ARTS & ACTIVITIES CENTER, 802 N 2nd St.Location Element Barrier Finding Requirement 2010 Standards Photo Completion ItemEXTERIOR parking spaces There are 19 diagonal public parkingspaces on E. Sprott street on the north sideof the complex, none of which isaccessible.n/a At least one designated accessible vanparking space shall be provided, includingrequired signage and access aisle.208.2.4, 502.2,502.3, 502.601 to 0424 ...
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