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There are two basic types of poa: general and special. a general poa grants the agent broad powers and should terminate on a specified date. a special poa only ... 2 pages
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POWERS OFATTORNEYOffice of the Staff JudgeAdvocateEielson AFB, Alaska354 FW/JALegal Assistance & PreventiveLawPamphlet SeriesAs of 31 July 2017I NTRODUCTION TO POWERS OF ATTORNEYUtilizing the Air Force Legal Assistancewebsite will expedite the production of aPower of Attorney (POA) during your visitthe Legal Office. The Air Force LegalAssistance website can be accessed byvisiting:https://aflegalassistance.law.af.mil/.A POA designates another person to act asyour agent or “attorney in fact” when youare deployed, incapacitated, or otherwiseunable to be present. A POA can be anextremely useful tool in the event you areunable to make certain decisions or signimportant documents because you aredeployed, on TDY, or on leave. Eventscould transpire during your absencerequiring your signature or input; if youhave designated an agent by way of a POA,your agent can act on your behalf.T YPES OF POWERS OF A TTORNEYAct performed by the agent and authorizedby the POA are legally binding on you.There ...