Postmodern challenges in alice munro's short fiction

In “runaway” munro once again starts out in a straightforward manner only to complicate the plot as the narrative progresses. sylvia's attachment to flora is ... 9 pages
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265Postmodern Challenges In Alice Munro’sShort Fiction: Issues of Language andRepresentationJosé dos SantosUniversidade Federal de Minas GeraisOne of the features of Alice Munro’s fiction is that it has challengedand resisted, at various levels, traditional literary taxonomies. Due to thedescriptive style of her narratives as well as faithful representation ofevents, places and rural communities, many critics have placed her shortstories within the tradition of literary realism. A glance over her workcertainly invites this sort of classification. Most of her stories have the ruraland semi-rural landscape of Ontario, Canada as the background. Usuallyset in small towns, her characters deal with personal conflicts, loverelationships, and various kinds of family issues. On the formal level, hernarrators usually know exactly what is happening before, during, and afterthe events being narrated. Munro herself admits to be fascinated withcareful descriptions of places and characters. In a comm...