Po4 detoxing from marijuana

12 step program for marijuana addicts. detoxing from ... the body's natural ways of getting rid of tox- ... of addicts having more severe detox symp-.
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Marijuana Anonymous12 Step Program For Marijuana AddictsDetoxing fromMarijuanaCONFERENCE APPROVEDP-04Conference Approved Literature© 1992 Marijuana AnonymousAll Rights ReservedP-04 6-96From “HOW IT WORKS”in the meeting format ofMARIJUANA ANONYMOUSHow can I reduce discomfort?For some of the milder detoxing symptoms,a few home remedies have proven to be useful:Do not be discouraged,none of us are saints.Our program is not easy,but it is simple.We strive for progress,not perfection.Our experiences,before and afterwe entered recovery,teach us three important ideas:• That we are marijuana addictsand cannot manageour own lives;• That probablyno human powercan relieve our addiction;and• That our Higher Powercan and will if sought.• Hot soaking baths can help the emotionsas well as the body.• Drink plenty of water and clear liquids,just like for the flu.• Cranberry juice has been used effectivelyfor years by recovery houses to helppurify and cleanse the body.• Really excessive sweating can dep...
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