Pj.17 swim technical infrastructure scope and roadmap

Refer to item#3 presentation for more details. 4. pj.17-01 – swim-ti purple profile for a/g ... content, similar to a directory listing all.
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Xavier Jourdain – Thales LAS France SASPJ.17 Project CoordinatorPJ.17 SWIM Technical Infrastructurescope and roadmapSWIM Open Day, Leonardo Rome, 5th July 2018Company General UsePJ.17 Open Day – 05/07/2018 – Thales , ECTRL, SITA• PJ.17 SWIM-Technical Infrastructure Overview• PJ.17-01 - SWIM-TI Purple Profile for A/G Advisory Info Sharing• PJ.17-03 – SWIM-TI Green Profile for G/G Civil Military Information Sharing• PJ.17-08 – SWIM-TI Common Runtime Registry• SWIM-TI solutions in wave 22AgendaCompany General UsePJ.17 Open Day – 05/07/2018 – Thales , ECTRL, SITAPJ.17 SWIM-TI overviewPage 3AOC ATMAirportAirsideOperationsAerodromeATC En-route /ApproachATCCivilsystems MeteoNetworkInformationManagementAeronauticalInformationManagementAdvancedAirspaceManagementGround/GroundSWIMSWIMSystemsPJ.17-08 Common Runtime RegistryMilitarysystemsG/GSWIMPJ.17-03 Ground/Ground Civil-Military information sharingAdvisory Information exchangeDemand & Capacity dataATFCM scenario dataMeteo dataAeronautical dataF...