Pedelec groove next - derby cycle

8.4.1 ... 8.4.1. charging a battery. en-45 ... consequences can include malfunctions and a limited battery life.
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Pedelec Groove NextEPAC Electrically power assisted cycleOriginal User Guide | ENVersion 116.10.2017EN-2 Original User Guide | Pedelec Groove NextCONTENTS*dependent on modelI. Introduction EN-4I.I Explanation of the safetyinformation symbols EN-4I.II The Pedelec Groove Next EN-5II. Information pack EN-5II.I Booklet and CD EN-5II.II Component guides EN-6II.III Service book EN-6II.IV EU declarations of conformity EN-7III. Cycle dealers EN-7IV. Legal regulations for Pedelecs EN-7IV.I International EN-7IV.II Germany EN-8IV.II.I Lights EN-8IV.II.I.I Replacement bulbs EN-9IV.II.II Disposal EN-9V. Intended use EN-10V.I Pedelec EN-10VI. Pedelec weight* EN-10VI.I Overall weight EN-10VII. Pedelec Groove Next* EN-111. General safety information EN-122. Protection from theft, manipulationand loss EN-143. Before your first ride EN-153.1 Attaching the pedals EN-153.2 Adjusting the saddle height EN-163.3 Moving the saddle EN-173.4 Tilting the saddle EN-183.5 Braking EN-183.6 Chain EN-193.6.1 Checking...
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