Patient lists to identify asthma or copd treatment candidates

Benefits of patient lists for asthma or copd patients ... a manual review of the chart for the patients listed in the ... potential medication changes.
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1Creating a P atient L ist for Asthma or COPDPatients in NextGen ® E H RBenefits of patient lists for asthma or COPD patientsA Report can be used to identify patients who may be candidatesfor treatment intensification according to clinical guidelines.A manual review of the chart for the patients listed in thereport results is necessary to determine an appropriatetreatment path.Considerations:- The query criteria should consider active patientsonly (not deceased or inactive as determined bythe practice)- User privileges to configure and run a Report inNextGen® may be limited to select users with specificsecurity privilegesThis Guideprovides a high-leveloverview of how to createReports using NextGen ® EHRto identify patients who may becandidates for asthma or COPDtreatments. This overview isdesigned to provide guidancefor you, your practice EHRchampion, or IT staff.A Patient List, called a Report in NextGen ®, is an EHR system feature that can help to identifypatients who meet certain he...