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By dk wiles · 1976 · cited by 2 — document resume. ed 119 690. ir 003 156. author. wiles, david k. title. the viability of "extrarationality as a framework for educational policy analysis.
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IDOCUMENT RESUMEED 119 690 IR 003 156AUTHOR Wiles, David K.TITLE The Viability of "Extrarationality as a Frameworkfor Educational Policy Analysis.PUB DATE Apr 76NOTE 38p.; Paper presented at the American EducationalResearch Association Annual Convention (SanFrancisco, California, April 19-23, 1976)EDRS PRICE MF-$O.83 HC-$2.06 Plus PostageDESCRIPTORS Behavior Theories; *Conceptual Schemes; ConflictResolution; *Decision Making; EducationalAdministration; Game Theory; *Interaction ProcessAnalysis; Mathematical Models; *Models; ProblemSolvingIDENTIFIERS Choice Models; *Extrarationality; Paradigms;RationalityABSTRACTThe mathematical exercise of the the Prisoner'sDilemma is used to explore the issue of whether present models orparadigms of policy analysis cover the complete range of rationaldecision making. A review of the competing paradigms of thecybernetic concept, the analytic probability concept, and thecognitive categorization concept reveals additional, butunaccounted-for, policy-maki...