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Tom gentile's options 101: ... what you're looking at above is an example of an ohlc chart ... charles schwab, for example, has the personal net worth. 61 pages
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Tom Gentile’sOPTIONS 101:The Easiest Options GuideYou’ll Ever ReadINVESTOR’S REPORT1TOM GENTILE’S OPTIONS 101:THE EASIEST OPTIONSGUIDE YOU’LL EVER READINTRODUCTIONYou have in your hands the best guide to making money in themarkets you can get.And that’s no accident. You see, my mission in life is simple: shareeverything I’ve learned over the past 30 years of trading so thatyou can achieve everything you’ve ever wanted and set yourself upfor a comfortable financial future – the easy way.Now I grew up in a steel-mining town outside of Pittsburgh. I didn’tcome from much and found myself busting my butt working 40, 50,even 60 hours a week just to get ahead. But eventually, I realizedI didn’t want to live my life on someone else’s terms for someoneelse’s bank account – and on someone else’s watch. That’s when Idecided to take control of both my finances and my future.So, while working as an Information Technology (IT) Managerat a large hardware chain, I taught myself how to trade options in...
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