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Serving "The Oldest Post of the Corps" October/November 200110 November 2001A MESSAGE FROM THE COMMANDANT OF THE MARINE CORPSAs we commemorate the 226th anniversary of the founding of our Corps, Marineseverywhere can take pride in their contributions to our great nation. We are a Corps bornof an act of Congress, consecrated in sacrifice, steeped in tradition, and tested in battle.Our earned legacy is filled with the names of many great Marines: Lejeune, Vandegrift,Puller.. .Butler, Bestwick, Daly -- who fill the annals of our lineage with their inspiredacts of vision and gallantry.Heroic actions on the battlefield are a hallmark of our legacy. Equally compelling arethe countless heroic deeds of many other Marines who exemplify the virtue of placing theneeds of others above their own. Whether it be a Marine saving an Okinawan child fromdrowning, or pulling people from a burning wreck, or a family extending itself to providea safe, nurturing home for disadvantaged children, our lives are...