I am not de problem. but i bare de brunt. of silly playground taunts. an racist stunts,. i am not de problem. i am a born academic. but dey got me on de run. 1 page
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No ProblemI am not de problemBut I bare de bruntOf silly playground tauntsAn racist stunts,I am not de problemI am a born academicBut dey got me on de runNow I am branded athletic,I am not de problemIf yu give I a chanceI can teach yu of TimbuktuI can do more dan dance,I am not de problemI greet yu wid a smileYu put me in a pigeon holeBut I a versatile.These conditions may affect meAs I get older,An I am positively sureI have no chips on me shoulders,Black is not de problemMother country get it right,An just for de record,Sum of me best friends are white(Poem copyright Benjamin Zephaniah)