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Neurosis and psychosis (1924). in my recently published work, the ego and the id (1923b), i have proposed a differentiation of.
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NEUROSIS AND PSYCHOSIS (1924)In my recently published work, The Ego and the Id (1923b), I have proposed a differentiation ofthe mental apparatus, on the basis of which a number of relationships can be represented in asimple and perspicuous manner. As regards other points - for instance, in what concerns theorigin and role of the super-ego - enough remains obscure and unelucidated. Now one mayreasonably expect that a hypothesis of this kind should prove useful and helpful in otherdirections as well, if only to enable us to see what we already know from another angle, to groupit differently and to describe it more convincingly. Such an application of the hypothesis mightalso bring with it a profitable return from grey theory to the perpetual green of experience.In the work I have mentioned I described the numerous dependent relationships of the ego, itsintermediate position between the external world and the id and its efforts to humour all itsmasters at once. In connection with a train ...