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This order affects all faa employees and contractors on short- ... terrorist groups, foreign nationals, and industrial espionage operatives ... 23 pages
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U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATIONORDERFEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION1600.61BNational PolicyEffective Date:05/18/2006SUBJ: INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL SECURITY BRIEFING & CONTACTREPORTING REQUIREMENTS FOR FAA EMPLOYEES AND CONTRACTORSDistribution: A-WXYZE-3; A-FOF-O (LTD) Initiated By: ASH-11. What is the purpose of this order? This order establishes security requirements for FAAemployees and contractors prior to departure on international travel for either official orunofficial business. The security requirements discussed in this order are:a. Annual general security briefings for FAA employees and contractors;b. Annual special security briefings for FAA employees and contractors who have access tosensitive unclassified information (SUI) and classified information;c. Reporting suspicious contacts from any individuals; and,d. Handling classified information while in travel status.2. Who does this order affect? This order affects all FAA employees and contractors on short-term and extended Tem...