National librarian and chief executive's report to the board

National librarian and chief executive's report to the board ... period, with an average throughput rate of 300 maps per day.
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National Librarian and Chief Executive's Reportto the BoardSeptember 2021Librarian's key events since June 20218 June 2021 Gave a talk at the CILIPS conference:16 June 2021 Attended the Legal Deposit LibrariansSummer meeting and chaired the Agency forLegal Deposit Libraries' Board meeting23 June 2021 Attended the Scottish LIC Board meeting8 July Attended the virtual launch of the Library'sPetticoats and Pinnacles exhibition21 July Chaired the inaugural meeting of theHonresfield Scottish Partners Group (nowHonresfield Scottish Steering Group)26 July Attended a Paisley Museum Re-ImaginedBoard meetingOne Third Digital: Digitisation UpdateThe Mass Digitisation team continued to focus their work on the ABS collection, with over 300items digitised during June and July. In addition, the team digitised another 100 items to enrichthe Library's contributions to the multi-national Europeana Sport collaboration.Colleagues have been busy processing files for around 1.6 million pages from the ABScol...