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See figure 2(d) where the silhouette of the impossible trident is not closed. m.c. escher [m.c. escher foundation ; schattschneider and. emmer 2003] was a ... 15 pages
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13Modeling and Rendering of Impossible FiguresTAI-PANG WUThe Chinese University of Hong KongCHI-WING FUNanyang Technological UniversitySAI-KIT YEUNGThe Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyJIAYA JIAThe Chinese University of Hong KongandCHI-KEUNG TANGThe Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyThis article introduces an optimization approach for modeling and rendering impossible figures. Our solution is inspired by how modeling artists constructphysical 3D models to produce a valid 2D view of an impossible figure. Given a set of 3D locally possible parts of the figure, our algorithm automaticallyoptimizes a view-dependent 3D model, subject to the necessary 3D constraints for rendering the impossible figure at the desired novel viewpoint. A linear andconstrained least-squares solution to the optimization problem is derived, thereby allowing an efficient computation and rendering new views of impossiblefigures at interactive rates. Once the optimized model is available, a v...
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