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Saudi update. g. bandiera shared that the situation is evolving. conditional offers have been sent to trainees and.
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Page 1 of 3Postgraduate Medical Education Advisory Committee (PGMEAC)Friday, October 26, 201812:30 – 2:30 pm500 University Avenue; PG Boardroom APresent/Teleconference: L. Bahrey (Anesthesia), G. Bandiera (AD PGME), A. Bezjak (Rad Onc), M. Bell(CPSO), P. Campisi (Otolaryngology), S. Done (Anatomical Path), L. Erlick (Dir. UG & PGME, TSH), M.Farrugia (ObGyn), M. Fefergrad (Psychiatry), A. Freeland (VP Education THP/AD Med Ed Regional), S.Glover Takahashi (PGME), J. Goguen (Int Med), M. Hynes (PGME), K. Iglar (Dir. PGME, SMH), A. La Delfa(PARO), R. Levine (Surgery), J. Maggi (PG Wellness), M. Morris (PGME), L. Muharuma (PGME), S. Murdoch(DFCM), B. Pakes (PHPM), L. Probyn (PGME), E. Yu (Med Sub-Spec)Regrets: B. Abankwah (PAAC), A. Atkinson (Core Peds), E. Bartlett (Diag Rad), S. Bernstein (UG Clerkship),P. Houston (UG Vice Dean), J. James (VP Educ Sinai Health System), N. Jones (CIP), J. Lloyd(Ophthalmology), R. Schneider (Peds Sub-Spec)AGENDA/MINUTESMinutes of the Friday, September 21, 2...