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The ticket draw will not include employees of nufc in their capacity as ... all entries must be submitted via an online form which will be ... 4 pages
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MATCH TICKET DRAWTERMS AND CONDITIONSNEWCASTLE UNITED FOOTBALL CLUBSeason 2020/2121. The Ticket Draw is open to:(a) Newcastle United one year season ticket holders from the 2019/20 football seasonand who possess an account credit equivalent to five games’ value; and(b) Newcastle United current 2020/21 football season ticket holders remaining on a longterm price freeze deal.The Ticket Draw will not include employees of NUFC in their capacity as employeesdirectly associated with administration of the Ticket Draw.2. Due to your meeting the criteria set out in Clause 1 together with your opting-in to the MatchTicket Draw and accepting all associated terms and conditions of entry, you will beautomatically entered into the draw for the match.3. All entries must be submitted via an online form which will be emailed to you directly. Onlyone entry per supporter is permitted.4. The opening date for entries is 10am on Friday 7 May 2021. The closing date is 10am onSunday 9 May. Entries received af...