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2012 · cited by 632 — associated with personality disorders, depression, anxiety, ... [29] corrao g, bagnardi v, zambon a, torchio p. meta-analysis of alcohol.
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EASL Clinical Practical Guidelines: Management of AlcoholicLiver DiseaseEuropean Association for the Study of the Liver⇑,IntroductionAlcoholic liver disease (ALD) is the most prevalent cause ofadvanced liver disease in Europe. However, there has been lim-ited research investment into ALD despite its significant burdenon the health of Europeans. This disparity is reflected by the ETOhscore – the ratio of the estimated population mortality rate to thenumber of trials focused on a particular disease. The ETOh scorefor ALD is 358, compared with 1.4 for hepatitis B, 4.9 for hepatitisC, and 15.2 for primary biliary cirrhosis [1].In recent years however, the mechanisms driving disease pro-gression and the natural history of ALD have been better definedand novel targets for therapy have been identified [2]. In addition,significant clinical research has produced a clear framework forthe evaluation of new therapies in particular in patients withalcoholic steatohepatitis (ASH).ALD is a complex di...
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